An Accidental Duathlon

Frankoshanko’s (my awesome dad) tale of our most recent adventure!


Flat tire. What a great opportunity! Especially the three miles of pushing my bike home; it bestowed more time to talk with Annie. Ultimately, another lesson in patience, which must be needed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to ride for an hour and walk another, after my sore foot derailed our running plans. The fresh rain kept us off the single track trails, but fun is always available!

What a great toy! This Go Pro Hero 3 will be a fun way to document some adventures. Maybe we’ll be on the water soon! Where will the weather lead us?

What a fun life! What a fun girl! Just call me Mr. Luckyman……

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Have Faith {12/6/12 Workout}

Do you ever go through times when you fear your motivation is gone, never to return again? That’s how I’m feeling right now. Not about exercise — I’m still going strong there  — but  more about everything else: school, cleaning, cooking, fixing myself up in the morning, etc…

Although I feel burnt-out to a crisp, I have felt this way before.  At the end of every semester, actually. So although I may not feel this way, I know the key is to have faith in myself — faith that my motivation and zest will return when the time is right. I will decompress over break, and I will be ready to start again. And hey, I have some exciting things to look forward to:

(1) I get to start fresh in a new apartment in 9 days, and it is a wonderful place

(2) This semester is over in 8 days

(3) Christmas break is 3 weeks long

(4) Not only do I get to start a new semester in 1 month, but I actually get to start the nursing program

All will be well.

In other news, today is the two-year anniversary of marrying my husband at the courthouse (we later had a big wedding in June, but we did this so that I could move out of the dorms and live together). I am very blessed to be married to my first love and best friend.

For exercise, I did an hour of chest & back weights and 50 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and stationary bike. I tell ya what, it felt GOOD to lug some iron around after doing cardio-only for the last two days! For the next few weeks until we get settled in at our new place, I will keep my workout log brief, but will hopefully get back to sharing it at length when things calm down.

Until next time, keep calm and train hard!



Searching for Serenity {12/4&5/12 workouts}

This has been a hard week… like, a pre-finals, crazy-busy with packing, sore throat, $1500+ in unexpected bills kind of hard … so here’s just a quick workout update…

10 min incline walking
Leg weights for ~ 1 hour
35 minute cybex elliptical

30 minutes incline walking
30 min cybex elliptical

Even in the midst of my pity party, I can recognize that even though going to the gym (and changing out of my PJs for any reason for that matter) was dead last on my list of things that I wanted to do, exercise has been the one thing keeping me sane these past few days.

I’ve just got to practice those positive thinking skills that I preach, and I’ll be starting a fresh semester before I know it!

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Caffeine, Friend or Foe? {12/2/12 Workout}

I hear people all the time say “I really should quit drinking coffee. I know it’s bad for me.”

But is it really? For me, sometimes a little lot of caffeine in the form of a skinny mocha or crystal lite energy is the only think that gets me out of bed and to class in the morning and then to the gym in the afternoon. I don’t think going to class and the gym is bad for me; in fact, I think not going would be very bad for me. In my opinion, anything that can help me get to class, get to the gym, and complete anything else on my to-do list is not only good, but awesome!

And hey, coffee even has lots of antioxidants! Just don’t pour on the sugar and cream. And yes, more than 3-4 cups is probably bad, especially if you’re prone to high blood pressure. And yes, its a diuretic, so you have to compensate with even more water. And no, I’m not a doctor — so obviously take their advice first. But for me at least, caffeine (in moderation) is my friend!

On that note, I got up this morning and downed a few crystal lite energy packets in several tall glasses of water in addition to a couple of glasses of plain water. And voila! Presto! My energy is back!

What do you think? Is caffeine your friend or foe?

My workout:

  • 35 minutes on StairMaster (~170 floors)
  • 25 minutes on Cybex elliptical
  • Hot tub relaxation with my cousin and workout partner!


New Header

Scroll up. Do you all like my new header? After months of blogging, I decided to figure out how to make one. I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator, but I do have Pages, so I made it in that. I also learned how to make my about page reappear.  I’m slowly learning this whole blog formatting thing. 🙂 Now if only I could figure out how to manage the alerts and vibrations on my iphone I’d be set.

Have a great day!

My First iPhone {11/29/12 Workout}

I have finally joined the modern world and purchased an iPhone 4s (my first smartphone).

New iPhone! ❤

Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to me! It was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from school, and all of my winter dreariness was replaced with Holiday joy. I spent 2 hours laying in bed setting it up and updating it. My Otterbox won’t be here for another week, so I took that baby to the gym with me in a wool sock. When I set it down in between sets, I found myself watching it like a hawk… which made me think: if I am this protective of an iPhone, what will I be like when I have my first baby someday?  Scary thought.

I am excited to try out the Track My Run and ifitness apps. Any recommendations for other must-have apps?

My muscles appreciated a day-off from exercise yesterday, and they also appreciated a hard workout today. Yesterday, I did spend a lot of time packing… so maybe I should have today off? I like this idea very much, but my anal-retentive side will probably compusively clean/pack anyways. I’m at least going to pretend for awhile that I’m going to spend the rest of the night relaxing and playing on my new toy. 🙂

Today’s Leg Workout:

  • 10 minute warm-up on Cybex elliptical
  • Side lunge with lift holding 10 lb – 3 x 12
  • Sumo squat with heel raise and jump holding 10 lb – 3 x 12
  • Stationary lunge with lift holding 10 lb – 3 x 12
  • Squats – 3 x 15
  • Leg press followed by calf pulse – 3 x 15
  • Leg extension – 3 x 15
  • Leg curl – 3 x 12
  • Single-leg deadlift – 3 x 15
  • Bulgarian split squat – 3 x 15
  • 30 minutes on StairMaster
  • 20 minutes on Cybex elliptical

Black Friday Excitement

Yesterday, we spent the entire day shopping for Christmas presents. That meant no workout, but hours and hours on our feet. This week feels so out-of-the ordinary for me with 3 rest days. After training hard for months, I think my body appreciates the extra recuperation, and my heart & soul love the family time, but I’m itching to get back to a normal training pattern.

Just as I settle back into routine at home though, it’ll be time to move  — only 3 weeks until the big day! Yesterday, we signed our lease, and I got to have another look at the workout center at our apartment complex (it is right outside of our apartment!): 2 stationary bikes, 1 elliptical, 1 treadmill, and a one very versatile weight machine. At the very least, it will be an excellent supplement to the gym and perhaps even replace the need for a gym membership (to save money). We’ll just have to see. I am a little nervous to see how the move and our new life there affects my eating and fitness habits; I do, however, feel like I am mentally prepared for it and will stay strong/motivated and develop a new great routine there. Especially with your blogging support!

So, why was black friday so exciting? Is it that I am a shopaholic? Well, kinda… I’m a recovering shopaholic. Is it because I’m an exercise-a-holic? Yup! How is that you ask? Virtually all of the Christmas present I picked out from my parents (and some that I got for them!) at least somehow relate to a fit lifestyle. But I don’t think I should reveal them just yet… it isn’t Christmas yet, after all. 🙂

Something else exciting happened yesterday: 2011 figure Olympia champ Nicole Wilkins answered one of my questions in her weekly Q&A video. Check it out here. My question is the first one. It’s my minuscule claim to fame! 🙂

I hope you had a happy, stress-free Black Friday! Are you enjoying the Christmas lights that are going up? I know I am!

East Moscow Mountain

Armed with shakey directional skills, a so-not-an-offroad-car, and two adventurous spirits, Lauren and I set out for East Moscow Mountain. Overall, we did take a few wrong turns (thankfully in the car, not on the mountain), and I was pretty afraid my little car was going to get stuck when the road suddenly went from paved, to gravel, to gouged-up huge-rock-laden logging “road” without warning. But man, the view from the top was worth it! Sound like an analogy for life?

Our photography skills certainly do not do the landscape justice, but I still think pictures speak louder than words, so here you go:


34-35 Colorado. After 4 long hours standing in the hot sun, the Cougs lost by 1 point. Poop on a stick.

I spent the whole day taking pictures, and it almost feels silly posting them after a loss, but I’m going to anyways. Here’s why:

I like sports, but I like real life better. I don’t feel emotionally connected to a loss; when the game is over, I just want to get out of the crowded stadium, get some chow, get a little rest, and get my workout in. Maybe I developed this attitude after watching my dad’s day “ruined” by a Cougar loss for years (he doesn’t do this anymore!). Feeling down about the loss? I’ll pass.

So, in celebration of a fun day despite the loss, I want to share a few photographs.

P.S. You can check out my dad’s blog here.