Beginning Photography {11/30/12 Workout}

I am, admittedly, a rookie-amateur photographer. But I love pictures and recording memories, so I want to learn.

This is the camera I have — nothing fancy, but I know I’m not eveng using this basic camera to it’s fullest potential. And now, I have my iPhone 4s camera, which is pretty awesome for a phone. The front facing camera, however, is not great I discovered.

Here are two pictures I took with my iPhone camera yesterday on my walk home, capturing the sunny last day of November.

A sunny walk home

A sunny walk home

Hello, Sun

Hello, Sun

And here are some pictures from my date with my hubby last night. We haven’t gone out in what seems like forever, and it’s probably been just as long since I “dressed up” for anything. It was very fun and much-needed. We had sushi and then saw Breaking Dawn pt. 2.

Normal camera -- nice and clear. Why couldn't I have shut my messy cabinet?

Normal camera — nice and clear. Why couldn’t I have shut my messy cabinet?

Front-facing camera -- kinda graining

Front-facing camera — kinda graining

So, since you all have been suffering through my amateur photographs, would anyone like to share with me  some of their favorite beginning photography books/web pages/blogs/etc (remember, I am the most beginning of beginners in my knowledge and skill level)? Or how about some neat photography apps for the iPhone? Or any other tips in general? 🙂

And you didn’t think that I forgot to workout yesterday, did you? Of course not! I had a very fun and laid-back workout with my cousin yesterday. We warmed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical, did an hour of a mixture of abs and plyometrics, stretched for 20 minutes to kill time and conserve energy before Zumba, spent 10 more minutes on the elliptical, and then had a blast at Zumba. May I recommend Zumba as everyone’s Friday afternoon workout for the rest of all time? It is such a stress-relieving blast!

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, and don’t forget to share your photography insight!


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