In Due Time {11/24/12 Workout}

My Wedding: ~175 lbs

1 year ago: ~150 lbs

I am generally happy with the shape I’m in. I know I have room for improvement, but I’m happy. And then every once-in-awhile I see a woman in incredible shape at the gym. Every time this happens, it knocks my ego into check and puts a magnifying glass on my flaws. Your arms lack definition. Your thighs are too big. Your abs aren’t lean enough. Yadda yadda yadda. While my first instinct is to vow to never eat again and spend 12 hours a day at the gym, what I really need to remember to do is to take a step back and realize how far I have come in the last 2 years. It took me one year of dieting and cardio to go from 185+ lbs to 150 lbs. Then it took me 1 year of clean-eating and cardio and weight training to go from a very skinny 150 lbs to a more muscly 157 lbs (and losing my way and sneaking back up to 165 pounds along the way). I am not perfect, but I am doing everything that I can do right now to reach my fitness goals.

Now: ~157 lbs

So chick with the awesome body at the gym today — you rock! It has probably taken you years of hard work and dedication to achieve it. For me, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, and in due time, my hard work will pay off.

Today’s Workout: Legs, Abs, & Incline Walking

  • 30 minutes incline walking
  • Side-lunge with leg lift (holding 10 lbs) – 3×12
  • Sumo squat with heel raise and jump (holding 10 lbs) – 3×12
  • Stationary lunge with leg lift (holding 10 lbs – 3×12
  • Box jumps – 3×20
  • Leg lift on exercise ball – 3×15
  • Leg curl – 3×12
  • Leg extensions – 3×12
  • Ab disc crunches & oblique crunches – 3×12
  • Reverse crunch on bench – 3×12
  • Leg press with calf press – 3×12
  • Jumping split squat – 3×20
  • Bulgarian split squat – 3×12
  • Single-leg dead-lift – 3×12
  • 30 minutes incline walking

We came home and fueled up with leftover turkey on salad and leftover mashed sweet potatoes. My kind of dinner!



8 thoughts on “In Due Time {11/24/12 Workout}

  1. I hear all that! I did almost 3 circuits of a cross fit challenge at the gym and was spent. Next day I watched a girl breeze through 5 and started thinking I have so far to go. And then I thought, “yup that’s right…” Good thing a line from your previous post was still in my head. I don’t workout to live. I live to be happy. Workouts make me happy”. Think I paraphrased but it helped me a lot:))))) xo

    • I haven’t tried cross fit yet, but I want to! If I’m being perfectly honest, those workouts scare me just a little (a lot!). It’s so nice to hear that a line from my post helped you! Here’s to a happy, fit, strong, muscly, full life! 🙂

    • It’s funny to hear you say that, because 2 years ago I could barely run at all. I eased into by setting the goal of running 1 mile without stopping. It was slow, and it took me several tries, but that felt like the greatest accomplishment at the time! From there, I just set the goal of running 2 miles, then 3, etc… then I set goals of running faster. I think running is the best cardiovascular workout, but I haven’t been doing much actual running lately, because it’s hard for me to get motivated to run on a treadmill. I do love the stairmaster in the winter, though, which is a close second to running. So I guess my point is to ease into it slowly and to try to enjoy the process. 🙂

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