Thanksgiving Menu & 11/20/12 Workout

Today we mixed it up with a 60 minute step aerobics class followed by a 30 minute core class that included mostly sit-ups, push-ups, and power-clean with press. Phew!

I almost think I should get to count my marathon-Thanksgiving-grocery-shopping towards my workout tally… my cart was heavy & overflowing… and it did involve a lot of weaving through obstacles… Just sayin’.

I am very excited to be in charge of our Thanksgiving menu this year! I believe that Thanksgiving food should be enjoyable, but I don’t think it should be a binge-fest. I am planning on keeping it tasty, but also reasonably clean.

On the menu:

What are you most excited to eat on Thanksgiving?


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu & 11/20/12 Workout

  1. I wish you were making my thanksgiving dinner! It sounds so delish and guilt free. I’m excited, not about the food, but about the gym being open until 2pm. I am probably crazy though… Have a great holiday!

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