34-35 Colorado. After 4 long hours standing in the hot sun, the Cougs lost by 1 point. Poop on a stick.

I spent the whole day taking pictures, and it almost feels silly posting them after a loss, but I’m going to anyways. Here’s why:

I like sports, but I like real life better. I don’t feel emotionally connected to a loss; when the game is over, I just want to get out of the crowded stadium, get some chow, get a little rest, and get my workout in. Maybe I developed this attitude after watching my dad’s day “ruined” by a Cougar loss for years (he doesn’t do this anymore!). Feeling down about the loss? I’ll pass.

So, in celebration of a fun day despite the loss, I want to share a few photographs.

P.S. You can check out my dad’s blog here.


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