No you cannot have my weight machine, A$$hole

I usually try to keep my posts more upbeat and positive, but there is something else I’d like to talk about today…how not to act!

Our gym has 2 leg press machines, about a bazillion squat racks, and an array of other leg machines. Yesterday was leg day. My cousin and I were each on a leg press machine and doing supersets of leg presses followed by calve raises, without much rest in between. One of the guys came up to me (in the middle of a set! while I was pressing nearly 400 lbs!) and demanded to know whether we were here working out together. It took me about 5 seconds to even process his question because all of my blood and oxygen were in my legs. Eventually I said “yeah, but…”

“Well then you guys can share the same machine.”

“No we can’t.”

“Yes you can, because I need this machine for my workout.” Well clearly I do, too.

My cousin politely told him that she was almost done, and then kindly wiped the machine down. I was about to not-s0-politely tell him that he can wait his turn like everyone else or use any of the other leg machines surround him. And that instead of spending all of his time building his  muscles so ridiculously big that he can’t rest even rest arms at his side or probably even reach his hand to his mouth to brush his teeth, how about he and his friend learn some common decency? Mmmkay? There’s way more to life than vanity and you, Asshole.

I finished my set and walked off. “Can you believe that girl?” they guys whispered.

My irritation may seem unwarranted, I mean its not an unreasonable request to work in between sets. But they didn’t just want to work in between sets, they wanted the machine. Even this wouldn’t have bothered me if I hadn’t have seen them repeatedly bully skinnier guys off of the weight machines and walk over to the staff cabinet and turn off the radio if they don’t like the music playing. Intimidating and bullying people to get your way is not okay! 

I have a friend who wakes up at 5am to workout when the gym is empty because of her bad experience with guys like these. I can’t say I blame her.

Luckily I didn’t stay pissed off long. I mean, I was at the gym with endorphins flooding my body, so how could I? And I channeled the extra adrenaline into lifting more powerfully, and I got a blog post out of it, so maybe just maybe the experience was a blessing in disguise? (There’s my positive outlook for you!) 🙂

So, I guess to moral of this rant it to treat people with respect in and outside of the gym.


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