There’s a spider on the window!

My awkward gym moment of-the-day. Picture this:

I am 18 minutes into my 20 minute set of intervals on the Stairmaster. I am focused intently on my feet as I try to complete the last fast interval without touching the railing for balance. My legs burn. I have sweat dripping down my face. Then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see the guy on the machine next to me start waving his arms. I ignore him, only 30 more seconds. He doesn’t stop. He starts to say something, I have to take out my earbud to hear him. I also lose my balance and have to grab the railing. Great.

“What?” I ask.

“Do you see that bug?” He asks. No I don’t see the bug, I took off my glasses because they were getting covered in sweat. And oh by the way, I’m a little busy here.


“There’s a bug” he points, “right there.” I squint my eyes and see this little bug on the window.

“Okay.” So far this guy and this bug have managed to interrupt my last interval of my awesome workout. Awesome.

“That bug must be getting a really good workout holding onto the window like that. I mean, it must be getting really tired.”

Seriously, dude? Don’t you realize that because of you and that bug that I almost fell off this machine only to be splattered like a bug? And he’s still looking at me like he expects some sort of deep response. I got nothing.

“Uh, yeah.. I guess so”

“I mean really, look at that bug! Holding onto the window like that. It must be getting such a good workout with those tiny legs holding on like that.”

Oh my gosh, this guy really won’t stop. Thankfully, the Stairmaster reads 20 minutes and it slows to a stop. “Yup…” I smile politely and wipe my machine down. He watches me as I walk over to an elliptical to finish my workout. He keeps looking over. Either he thinks I’m just a loser who didn’t get how awesome that bug was. Or he was hitting on me. Either way, I couldn’t help laughing as I thought about it on the way home.



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