Renewed Commitment

I’ve been absent from my blog lately; it seems I’m busier now that I was during the school year!

My last post featured my excitement for Bloomsday, a 7.46 mi footrace of 50,00+ participants. Weaving through the packed crowd slowed us a bit for the first few miles, but my dad and I crossed the finish line in 67 minutes and 47 seconds, several minutes under my previous best time. We’re planning on doing it again next year!

I got home from Bloomsday on Sunday afternoon and had to turn around and wake up Monday morning for my Challenge Course Facilitator training. This was a 40+ hour training lasting all week, and culminating in a four hour test on Saturday. It felt like it drained all of the time and energy that I had, and my brain felt so crammed full of information, but I loved the thrill of the ropes course. When I have more time, I hope to tell you more about this awesome experience!

Saturday afternoon after my Challenge Course test, I traveled to Walla Walla to visit my family and spend Mother’s Day with my mom. It was a wonderful weekend!

On Monday morning, I got a job offer for a caregiver position at an assisted living facility/nursing home. I started work on Tuesday! So far, I think it’s my favorite job that I’ve had. I enjoy the human interaction and the feeling that I am genuinely doing something good. The downside? The hubby works during the day, and I work evening shift and some weekends. We’re making it work though, and we find ourselves valuing the time we do have together even more.

Working full-time is going to be an adjustment for me in terms of family life, nutrition, and fitness. I no longer have the luxury of working out whenever I feel like it and cooking a nice meal every day of the week. I’m going to have to get organized and dedicated.

On that note, I’m making a renewed commitment to nutrition and fitness today. I reached my peak physique a few months ago, but since then my diet and exercise habits have slowly been slipping. I started reverting back to the mindset that if I workout, then I can eat what I want; not so! I’ve gained 10 pounds since December when I hit my goal weight; I also started weight training in December so some of it is surely muscle, but if I’m being honest, some of it is surely not.

My plan of action? Refer to an awesome book: The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped. On this plan, I will eat 5-6 small meals a day, at 2.5 to three hour intervals. At each meal I will eat a serving of lean protein. Throughout the day, I will have 2 servings of starchy complex carbs, five to six servings of high water complex carbs, and 1-2 servings of heart-healthy fat while drinking lots of water. This plan is designed to lose the last 10 lbs in 28 days, and is thus a stricter version of the Eat-Clean Diet, which allows for a little more starchy carbs, fat, and dairy. It might take me a little longer than 28 days, and I don’t know if I quite have 10 lbs of fat to lose, but once I’ve toned up to where I want to be, I’ll return to the normal Eat-Clean Diet. But next time, I won’t loosen up so much that I’m eating several “diet” fudge bars a day, and grabbing a handful of dark chocolate chips whenever I feel like it!

Throughout this plan, I am going to continue consistent exercise, aiming for an average of at least 30 minutes of cardio a day, and weight training 4x per week.

I’m blogging about it to keep myself accountable; I might even start posting my food and exercise log for the world to see!


8 thoughts on “Renewed Commitment

  1. Go Annie! I’m planning to follow your lead. I’m excited to see how much energy and how much clearer thinking I have when my late night eating binges are gone! ( : I ran six miles on the treadmill in 52 minutes this evening, because hard rain was predicted. It was HARD, but I feel great! Yay!

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  3. I’m right there with you. Planning and prepping in advance all the time. I found a great bag that I use to bring everything with me with a lot of extra storage and keeps things cold for 8 hours. Check out 6 pack fitness. I got the 3 meal bag in pink and grey!! Let’s do this!!

    • Planning my meals is going to become my hobby again! I can’t just settle for the free fat and sugar laden food that they serve at work any more! I love my pink lunchbox, but eventually I will need to get a bigger one like that. Yeah, let’s do this! 🙂

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