Living For…

Inspired by Pickahling‘s “Lovin'” blog series, where she shares what she is currently loving in her life, I want to start a blog series called “Living For..” where I share the things/moments that keep me going and bring me happiness.
Here is what I’m Living For:
  • The feeling I will get tomorrow when I turn in my last final for the semester
  • Spending this weekend visiting with family and running Bloomsday
  • The look on guys’s face when I confidently walk past them in the weight room
  • Fun, free fitness classes
  • Sore muscles and the feeling of a job well done
  • Time to cook with my family
  • Snuggles with the hubby when he gets home from work

P.S. I’m having trouble with the spaces between paragraphs not showing up properly. Does anyone know how to fix this?


One thought on “Living For…

  1. Love it! What I think is sooo great about posts like this is how it helps me keep/regain perspective. A little reality check, especially when I’ve been stressed. Congrats on turning in your last final! You’ll be so ready to blow off some steam at Bloomsday!

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