Bootcamp, Baby!

This week our student gym is having free fitness classes to “sweat the stress” of finals. I’ve been getting a little bored by the same old song and dance of cardio equipment, so a fitness class or two could be the perfect remedy.

Yesterday, I tried Bootcamp for the first time. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect.

There were about 20 people that showed up for the class — many of them extremely fit women. In fact, the few women that I’ve consistently noticed in the weight room were in this class and kicking butt!

The workout started with a short warmup consisting of jogging, high knees, and butt kickers. The rest of the workout consisted of 1-minute intervals of intense moves with very little rest in between.

We did normal planks, we did side planks, we did planks while our partner jumped over us, we did wall-sits, we did lunges, we did jumping lunges, we did bear crawls, we did plyometrics, we did V-sits while a partner dragged us across the floor on a towel, we did partner russian twists. And more!

This workout was just what the doctor ordered for me. They were moves that I would never think to do or want to do on my own. I thought I was in excellent shape, and yet again these moved challenged me in new ways. It was a killer workout, and I got my heart rate up higher than when I run intervals. There were times when I wanted to just stop and recover, but the room full of people smashing through the same workout kept me going. The energy and camaraderie was awesome; I’m coming back on Wednesday and Friday for more!


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