Yesterday I went out to dinner with my cousin and her friends, celebrating her acceptance into nursing school. I ordered a spicy tomato noodle dish, and ate a few bites more than I should have, considering my workout plans immediately after. Because of my fullness and lingering gastro-intestinal troubles, I didn’t think an hour on the stair stepper sounded very appealing at all. Instead, I decided to take my standard leg workout, back/bicep workout, and shoulder workout and do them all in one night with some plyometric moves in between to sneak in some cardio. Sounded like a great idea at the time.

Fast-forward 24 hours and the only two places I can bear to be are in bed or in the hot bath. I literally spent all morning in class fantasizing about coming home and taking a long, hot bath. Even sitting on the sofa is just too painful on my glutes. Delayed-onset-muscle-soreness (DOMS), that soreness that attacks a day or two after a highly strenuous workout, has set it. And hey! I just got over a bout of this after my road race last Sunday…

It’s not unusual for me to do a few high-intensity cardio moves in between sets of weight training; several variations of a jumping squat, lunges with leg lifts, step-ups, and repeater lunges are on my repertoire and haven’t made me sore in some time. All I added to last night’s workout was one new move– a jumping lunge. I am surprised and humbled that this single addition caused my quads and glutes debilitating soreness.

Now my question is where do I go from here? I have a 7.4 mile road race in 9 days that I’m supposed to be training and peaking for. This soreness was not on the agenda! From what I’ve read, stretching is good. Maybe I can stretch in the bath so it won’t hurt as bad? Ha! If only I could toughen up enough to make my way to the gym to do a bit of moderate cardio to help work out the soreness, find a foam roller for to self-massage, and really stretch out in the giant hot tub afterwards. At the bare minimum I should walk the ten steps or so to the bottle of ibuprofen and take three…

When I’m over the pain, I’m sure I will appreciate the silver lining of the situation — even though I’ve been working-out hard and lifting heavy, adding even just a single new move can challenge me in new ways, allowing me to continue sculpting my physique.


3 thoughts on “Damn DOMS

  1. I’m a bit jealous! I’m lifting a bit at home now, but my run was cut short at 2.1 miles because of cramping in my right calf, five days after the race! Yikes! Bloomsday could be very interesting….

    • I’ve been surprised (and a little embarrassed) by how long it’s taken me to recover from that race as well! It’s giving me flash-backs to swim meets — the last time that I remember really racing at anything. I haven’t felt 100% all week; all I can hope is that I come back stronger next Sunday! I hoping for at least one more training run before the race just to make sure my legs don’t forget how to run… So excited to see you again, Daddio! 🙂

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