High on Life: Shopping Marathon & 100K Relay

My dad came to visit over the weekend, and we had a wonderful time! The purpose of the trip was to compete in a 100 km relay race on Sunday, but we made a whole weekend out of it! He arrived Friday afternoon, and we hit the gym for Ab weights and an hour on the elliptical; I was ready to quit at 30 minutes, but he inspired me to complete the hour! Just one of the reason why I love workout buddies! We came home to the aroma of meatball stew that I had prepared earlier that day, and it was just what the doctor ordered after a workout! Just another one of the reasons why I love advanced meal preparation!

We slept hard, and then set out Saturday morning for a 12-hour day (including the 3 hour round trip) of shopping! Most fathers don’t like shopping, but we are quite the dynamic duo at TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack; every time we shop together, we somehow manage to crack up the shop assistants, and we are repeatedly told “you too are so cute together!” My dad was proud of my bargain hunting, and I was proud of his fashion growth even at age 52 (sorry, Dad, for revealing your true age — we all know you look 40!). Although I might be a shopaholic, I really did have a need for clothes — I lost the last bit of weight at the end of last summer, so my size 12 spring/summer clothes needed to be replaced by size 6! 🙂

Shopping was a blast, but I was exhausted by the time we got home at 10pm. We snagged a few hours of sleep before we had to get up at 6am for the start of the relay. I had the first leg, which started at 7:30am. I traversed 6.5 miles, including one monstrous hill in 58 minutes. I’ll take that! My dad had the second leg, 7.9 miles of unrelenting downhill, and he finished it a few minutes under his projected time with the blisters and sore calves to prove it. Finally, Zach brought it home for the team, finishing his 4.1 miles in 80+ degree weather!

While I was running (okay, powerwalking) up that hill, I honestly wanted to quit… or at least walk the rest of the way. The next few miles after the hill were painful as my muscles tried to recover from the assault. By the time I came to the finish, however, I was riding on the adrenaline high & brought it home in a full-on sprint. I’m still feeling that natural high (and soreness!) two days later — I think I’m becoming addicted to the adrenaline of the race. We’re registered for a 7.4 miles race in two weeks, and a 6.2 mile race the following weekend. Bring it on! Just more motivation to train 🙂

This week we’ve had wild thunderstorms at night, but sunny days. I find it is so easy to be happy when I’m bathed in sunlight! I look forward to the coming months of warmths and vitamin D!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working out with my cousin. Afterwards she came over and we made my special spaghetti sauce (blog post & recipe to come!).

Life is good!


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