The ‘V’, Kale Chips, and A Healthy Nod to Bagels with Cream Cheese

Friends, I think I’ve found my motivation again!

With a few encouraging words from fellow bloggers, The Modern Home Economist, Pickahling, and Frankoshanko, (Thank you guys!) I’ve turned my mood around. Yesterday morning I woke up at 8:30 (which is still sleeping in by most standards) and climbed 360 floors in 60 minutes on the StepMill at the gym before my noon class. I love the feeling of getting really sweaty during a workout and then taking a refreshing shower at the gym afterwards! As everyone pointed out, I did feel much better all day after starting it with a workout.

Because I had an interview yesterday, I did a full-on face of makeup. I’ve been doing a really minimalist makeup routine lately, so it felt really good to glam it up; it was a nice confidence boost!

Also, after having such a cruddy week, I decided that it might help to cut out soda again. I am a serious soda addict, and if I’m not careful, I can drink over 32 oz a day… I was off of it completely during Christmas break, but during the stress of the semester I let my addiction creep back. Yesterday, I resolved to start drinking less soda. I cut it down to just 2 cans (ha!), and am just now getting a bit of a withdrawal headache. Today, I’m going to cut it back to one. I’m going to replace it with herbal tea and lemon water.

I had my interview yesterday afternoon, and it went well! Hopefully I get a call-back for a second interview next week. Whenever something really important goes well for me (like a test or interview) I get really pumped up on adrenaline. Riding my adrenaline high, I decided to hit the gym again for some leg weights. I felt really good to get in two awesome workouts, because after my leg workout I had to sit for 3 hours for an anatomy review session… talk about restlessness!

The combination of stairs and leg weights produced sore buns today. I actually enjoy the feeling of mild soreness, because I know I am making improvements! With my re-discovered fitness spirit, I am going to continue my perpetual quest for “the Vs” — the V that appears where developed biceps and deltoids meet, the V that appears in the middle of a lean thigh where the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, and vastus medius meet, the V taper of the lats, and the V cut above the hips from nicely developed obliques.

I’m looking forward to hitting the gym after class today for some cardio and back and bicep weights — that is, working on the arm V and lat V taper!

Yummy and guiltless Kale Chips seasoned with salt and nutritional yeast

On a different note, my second attempt at kale chips was a success! I followed emmycooks‘s lower temperature recipe. However, instead of “rubbing with olive oil” I used an olive oil spray along with a liberal dusting of nutritional yeast.  What I don’t understand is why there isn’t an entire supermarket aisle devoted to Kale Chips of all flavors instead of potato chips. If there were, the world would probably be just as happy and certainly much healthier!

Finally, I had a unconventional yet fabulous breakfast this morning. I made a half sandwich by toasting a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread, adding about a tbs of weight watchers cream cheese, about a tsp of strawberry jelly, and about 10 slices of smoked turkey deli meat. It was delicious, and it felt like I was eating a decadent bagel with cream cheese! I paired the half sammy with a cup of strawberries and the healthy chocolate mousee   I discovered last week. My entire and delicious plate of food was under 400 calories!

A nod to the bagel with cream cheese, paired with strawberries and healthy chocolate mousse... all for less than 400 calories!


10 thoughts on “The ‘V’, Kale Chips, and A Healthy Nod to Bagels with Cream Cheese

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts Annie! Not sure how I feel about the strawberry jelly with turkey combo, but keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lauren; it means so much to me when I find out that people are reading and enjoying my posts! 🙂 And about the sandwich… don’t knock it ’til you try it! I don’t even know where I got the idea from, but one day I just decided to make it, and I was surprised that it was actually tasty!

  2. Yummm…kale chips. I have only had them once but they were delicious. I wish you could cook for me every day Annie! I think you, your dad, and my parents should pair up for a super healthy lake meal this summer, and I am not suggesting a boring salad bar. We could combine all sorts of extremely healthy recipes that no one had tried before into one decadent meal.

  3. Annnd, she’s back! It’s no fun to be in a slump except for that awesome feeling of knowing that you’ve come out the other side and are ready to tackle anything! Oh, the V’s I know they’re there somewhere underneath this baby weight. I’m determined to find them again! Kale chips, they’ve eluded me but I’m adding Kale to my next organic produce delivery! In this economy the very fact that you went on a interview is pretty awesome! Good luck!

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