The Exploding Soda Can and Other Events

It’s supposed to be spring and this morning I woke up to snow. Lots of snow. My appreciation for snow extends only to cross-country skiing, in which case I will seek it out in the mountains. I don’t, however, like it when the stuff invades my daily life. My reasons include 1) I take the bus to school and standing for 10 minutes in blizzard conditions is no fun, 2) it necessitates that I either wear my heavy snow boots that cause me to trip frequently or have wet feet, and 3) I wear glasses, and when it’s snowing my glasses get very dirty.

Despite my distaste for it, the snow wasn’t enough to get me down, and I made it to anatomy lecture without incident (i.e. I didn’t fall, but I had a few close calls). In lecture, we finished learning about the digestive system and began the respiratory system. My anatomy professor is the sweetest guy and the best science professor that I’ve ever had. The funniest part of lecture today (and there aremoments like this just about every day) was when he was explaining the pronunciation of larynx (lar-ingks) and pharynx (far-ingks) NOT lar-nix and phar-nix. Apparently the mispronunciation of these two words is one of his pet peeves because he said,”If I ever went to a hospital and they started talking about my lar-nix or phar-nix, even if I was wearing a hospital gown, I’d be outta there two cheeks to the wind to get away from the lar-nix and phar-nix people.” I just about died laughing. Maybe you had to be there…

After class as I was trekking up the hill to meet my hubby between classes, I started to feel cranky about the snow and fatigue was setting in… I couldn’t wait to crack open the Coke 0 in my backpack, pour it over ice, and suck up the liquid caffeine. I stopped by the soda machine, and got my ice, then I went to find my hubby in Starbucks. When I got there, he had already found us two seats, so I plopped my backpack down on the seat next to him. I must have plopped it with haphazard force, because as soon as I let go, it went crashing to the floor. I turned to my hubby while pointing to my fallen backpack and said, “this is exactly how my day is going.” But he looked overly panicked as he stared at my bag. I looked back at it and it was now surround by a huge puddle. “What the…” I thought, “How could my cup of ice that was in the waterbottle pocket make a puddle that big?” I opened it up to discover that my pop can had exploded on impact, spilling its contents all over my books — and worse, my computer.  I quickly evacuated all valuables from the bag and then I frantically began gathering napkins, all the while half the coffee shop was staring at me (including my husband) without offering any assistance. Eventually people became bored with my predicament, and returned to their prior activity, while I spent a good 10 minutes wiping up the mess. I guess I experienced firsthand the bystander-effect. Not only was I freaking out about my stuff, but I was really sad I couldn’t drink that soda…

I ended up skipping my next and last class of the day to take my books and computer home to dry them out. My books I knew would be fine but a little wrinkly. My computer, on the other hand, caused me a great scare when the charger wouldn’t work. I spent over an hour restarting it over and over again, trying various outlets in the house, and surfing the web for a fix. Eventually, I gave up, resigning myself to the fact that I would have to make the 2-hour long trip to the macbook store soon to get a new charger…

As you can imagine, this was a rather stressful situation. A combination of the stress and fatigue from chronic-lack-of-sleep-itis pushed me over the edge, and I ended up consuming my daily calorie allowance by only 3pm. I didn’t eat anything too terrible all things considering (only two pieces of dark chocolate… and one tablespoon of nutella), but I did just keep eating and eating even though I wasn’t hungry. As I was doing it, I knew I was eating for comfort, but for some reason I didn’t stop.

Thankfully, a few hours later, my computer charger spontaneously started working again! 🙂

Also around this time, after applying to 7+ jobs in the past month, I finally got an interview! They requested”professional attire.” I don’t own a suit, so I finally settled on a nice, conservative purple Calvin Klein dress with a belted cardigan, black hose, and Born mary-jane pumps. Does that sound appropriate?

Exhausted from the eventful morning (and eating way too much food), I took a nice long nap and woke up feeling refreshed. One of the things I need to remember to appreciate about this time in my life is the freedom to pretty much nap as I please. The tradeoff of this freedom, however, is that although I can do my work at my leisure, I have more than 40 hours of work a week and homework follows me home on the weekends. Still, I should count my blessings, because a much-needed afternoon nap feels like a slice of heaven.

When I woke up from my nap, I decided that it was time to get productive and hit the gym before I could change my mind. If you read my post yesterday, you know I’m in a bit of a fitness funk. Yet I made it to the gym, and ran a powerful 4 miles on the indoor track in 34:18; not a best, but it beat my time from 2 days ago by ~30 seconds. Then, I decided to work out my neglected Abs by trying out a new routine from Oxygen, Six Moves for Your Six Pack“. I didn’t do as much cardio as I wanted but I am happy with my gym experience today, because I actually ended up really enjoying the new routine! It’s an a great one to do at home in future as well, requiring only an exercise ball and a medicine ball or weight. It really worked every aspect of my abs, and it felt great to feel the sweet burn in my abs after not hitting them hard lately. I am a strong believer that abs are built in the kitchen; as in if you eat too much and build up a layer of insulation around them, no about of crunches will give you a six pack, but once you get lean, ab training is necessary to carve a nice midsection. Also, physique aside, ab training is important to protect and support our backs in everyday life. With summer approaching soon, and a new fun routine, it is my new resolution to train my abs every-other day.

After my workout, my hubby and I stopped by the grocery stock to re-stock up on produce. If I had it my way, I would only have to go to the grocery store once every week or two (and I stock up on non-parishables like a crazy person), but in order to enjoy fresh produce, grocery shopping must be a bi-weekly ordeal. I bought a couple of bunches of kale for take-two of my kale-chip experiment. I tried making them last night, but I burned them to a crisp. I think my mistake was in taking the hotter and faster cooking approach, rather than slower and safer… I will report back on how tonight’s batch turns out!

Well, there you have it — the high and low points of my bizarre day. Now I’m off to finish up some homework and try to get to bed at a decent hour. With my interview tomorrow and an anatomy study session in the evening, I will have to get up and workout in the morning. Now that I’ve said it here, I have to follow through!


6 thoughts on “The Exploding Soda Can and Other Events

  1. Wow, you’re brave to even have Nutella in the house! I love it when electronics spontaneously heal themselves! Yes, I envy your napping freedom. Best of luck with the interview – and Jake chips (take II)!

    • It’s true, Nutella should be a controlled substance! Today the charger was working off and on again, so I think I’m still going to have to take it in, but at least my computer still works in the meantime! 🙂

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