Why I Carry 27 Pounds Around All Day

Yesterday in my writing class, I was happily typing away on my short story when my  professor came up to me and said, rather alarmed, in her charming British accent, “Oh my, you have so much stuff!” She seemed genuinely concerned for my sanity.

It’s true, I had a lot of stuff sprawled out all over my section of the table in class: laptop, laptop sleeve, laptop charger, iPod, iPod charger, cup of ice with powerade 0 in it, the bottle of powerade 0, and several pyrex containers with snacks.

The 26.8 lb monster!

No only do I sprawl a lot of stuff out on the table while I work, but I also carry all of that stuff (plus a little more) around in my backpack all day long. Maybe it’s because my dad raised me to always be prepared, but at any given time you will catch me with several beverages (coke 0, powerade 0) to last me through the day (and so I don’t have to pay cafeteria prices for them), my computer and all of its accessories (sleeve and charger), my iPod, enough pyrex containers full of food to last me the whole day, my wallet, a pencil pouch full of pens and highlighters, and also whatever books I need for classes.

My Eats

Perhaps the most space-consuming are the pyrex containers. From top top to bottom I have: dried edamame mixed with dried wasabi peas, a half sandwich of Dave’s Killer Bread, almond butter, and jam, my peanut butter-yogurt dip, strawberries, and a mix of sliced gala apples and baby carrots. It’s worth it to carry around all this food because healthy eating stems from being prepared. Click here for an awesome discussion on this topic!

This morning I weighed my backpack and it weighed 26.8 pounds! People wonder if carrying around the equivalent of a small child on my back all day is cumbersome, but it’s really not. I think it’s because I lift so heavy in the gym, that my body thinks a backpack is a vacation; I guess that’s why some training is called functional training — because it has functional value in everyday life. I even get in a little bit of an Ab workout when walking up hill. It’s like bonus exercise!

Now that I’m reflecting on it, I feel a little bit of pride trekking my monstrous backpack around campus all day — a year ago I surely would not have been able to do it without huffing and puffing and taking frequent rests.


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