Tighter jeans… better physique?

This afternoon I was getting dressed to go study in the Anatomy lab, and I reached for my favorite jeans fresh out of the dryer. I haven’t worn these jeans in a week or so, and I haven’t worn them fresh out of the dryer in several weeks. When pulling them up, I noticed that they are a little snugger than they usually are. My first thought was panic, “What?! How is this possible?” But then my rational brain took over, and I remembered that just earlier today in the locker room at the gym I noticed my abdominal muscles were more visible than ever. I pulled the jeans up all the way and turned around to catch a glimpse of my backside, and thought “These jeans also look better on my butt than I remember.” I really had just gained some muscle, which is why I’m weight training in the first place. Crisis averted.

This goes to show that size and weight are just numbers! I would rather be a fit size 4/6 and155 lbs and fill out every inch of my clothes with muscle than weigh 130 lbs and a size 0/2. Muscles are sexier than bones! Am I right, ladies?


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